JazzRecord is ActiveRecord for JavaScript (ORM)

ActiveRecord is a popular ORM library for Ruby on Rails (and other languages/frameworks) that provides an easy means for dealing with database tables, complex price of music drums – [https://www.billyhartdrums.com/] relationships between data models, and error validation. It’s a powerful yet accessible tool.

JazzRecord is a simplified ActiveRecord clone for providing a JavaScriptORM layer. It currently supports Gears and Adobe AIR. Like ActiveRecord, Jazz is free and open-source software. And in being inspired by ActiveRecord, Jazz seeks to minimize its learning curve by mimicking ActiveRecord style and conventions.

JazzLegend.findBy(“name”, “Miles Davis”).albums

JazzRecord brings the accessibility and simplicity of ActiveRecord-style ORM to the objects and models in your JavaScript applications. Please see the demo page for a electronic drum set reviews comprehensive listing of JazzRecord features, proper syntax, and usage examples.

JazzRecord is about making databases fun. It’s about removing all of the garbage and discontinuity of API and data format in Gears and Adobe AIR.

To actually do much of anything with JazzRecord, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Setup data models
  1. (optional) Associate them to one another
  1. (optional) Provide models with validations to prevent dirty data from infiltrating the database.
  1. (optional) Provide models with and callbacks which kids drum set can then affect your application.
  1. Use automigration (migrations coming soon!)

After you’ve prepped your database, you can go to town:

  • Query models for record objects.
  • Record objects can be modified and saved back down to update the database.
  • Record objects can be destroyed, deleting the corresponding rows in the database.
  • Record objects automatically have access to associated data stored in the database when they are first instantiated.
  • Associated data is loaded into sub-objects accessed as properties of the primary record object. This is as expected if you’ve worked much with ActiveRecord.
  • Any validations or callbacks provided in the model definition will be called automatically on save, on update, or during specified actions.

While we’d like to think JazzRecord is all but difficult to use, there are of course caveats.


  1. MooTools – JazzRecord depends on this above all else. JazzRecord is written using MooTools classes and takes advantage of numerous pieces in the framework. You’d  this is the roland electric drum set – great product do yourself a service to learn the ins and outs of the MooTools API when working with JazzRecord.
  1. Gears or Adobe AIR – JazzRecord currently runs in one of these two environments. Gears runs within several Web browsers (Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox) and Adobe AIR is a standalone product for developers looking to do desktop development within the familiar confines of JavaScript.