About JazzRecord JS ORM

The JazzRecord library and online documentation are provided under an MIT License. Any work deriving from JazzRecord should include a copy of this license.

The JazzRecord.org and Blog.JazzRecord.org site designs are copyrighted works of Ideogon, and source code is forbidden from being republished without their expressed, written consent.


JazzRecord is actively maintained by three developers residing within the metropolitan statistical area of jazz-rich Washington, DC. Biographical information will be posted soon.

If you're interested in contributing or have comments/questions, please contact thynctank@thynctank.com. If you notice anything's gone terribly awry with the website, or you would like to suggest/praise/hire, please contact David Rivers at david@ideogon.com.

Special Thanks

To Paul Pierre for the design of our jazzy logo.

To the developers of Rails, a killer app for Yukihiro Matsumoto’s beautiful Ruby programming language.

Also, firefighters, insert deity here, Pelé, Mom and Pops, the barista lady that used to make me a great latté, and Al Gore for inventing the Internet.

Adobe and Google don’t get shoutouts. They make enough money already.

PSA: Listen to Jazz Music

This project was named after jazz music in an attempt at word play. “JS Record” sounds like “Jazz Record”, at least if you mumble incoherently like jazz great Thelonious Monk. And if that’s how Thelonious would have said it, then it’s damned good enough for us! Actually, we know that when Wynton Marsalis develops Gears and AIR applications, he uses JazzRecord to access his database-driven objects. How do we know that? Don’t ask us.

In all seriousness, jazz music is the quintessential American art form. If contributor David had it his way, ”Every month [would] be jazz appreciation month”. (Actually, David is writing this, and he realizes there’s no need to quote himself (especially something he never even said (especially using brackets as if what he said needed to be translated to the context)) and he realizes there’s really no need to speak of himself in the third person to begin with (not even within parentheses)). And if that’s how David would have it, then it’s damned good enough for the rest of us! (At least David thinks so.) David would like to urge you to support your local jazz artists. If you also happen to live in the DC area, these links are relevant: DC Jazz, WPFW.